Happy Birthday Stickers

September 22nd, 2020

The new Happy Birthday stickers have arrived.

Happy Birthday Stickers

The new Happy Birthday stickers just arrive this morning.

I have this crazy fascination with stickers, especially the super cute ones you see nowadays. I think mainly because stickers have this unique but powerful way of saying a lot without doing much.

Take for example. We’ve all seen that one particular car (Subaru) driving down the road with stickers plaster all over the bumper. Without having met this person we assume the driver is a free sprite, hikes and has goals on saving the earth. There’s no supporting facts behind what I’m saying but it’s what some of us assume.

Sticker for me resembles a time in my childhood when it was all about playing outdoors and having fun with friends and family. Tearing into a box of Cracker Jacks and discovering your prize was a sticker, nothing short a being a treasure to my brother and I. Which would inevitably find its way to either our foreheads or are arms as pretend tattoos. No reason why, we just did it.

So I like to think of stickers as being a vehicle for delivering smilies even though they sometimes do the opposite.
Bottom line stickers are fun and with Caake I’m trying my best to communicate that as much as I can.

Happy Birthday.