Happy Birthday to Me

September 15th, 2020

Happy Birthday to Me.

Cookie Cake - Birthday Alarms by Caake.com

Today is September 16 and today is my Birthday. I’m not too ecstatic about moving up in age but I do enjoy it when I receive the birthday wishes. The fact that someone took the time from his or her day to acknowledge me, well in my book that’s pretty awesome.

That’s part of the reason why Caake was created. In effort to trying to spread happiness.

Nowadays everyone’s either coming or going and have a million things to do. Trying to keep up with a person birthday regardless how near and dear they are to you becomes a task within itself.

With Caake we help remove that task, you still have to actually tell the person happy birthday, but we take the burden of remembering birthdays out of the equation.

Telling someone happy birthday doesn’t appear to be much, but at times can make a huge difference in someone day.

So maybe you should let us help you spread some happiness, try our birthday reminder service today.

By the way the cookie cake in the screen shot above was incredible (well is incredible, I’m still working on it ).
It’s not my first rodeo, my girlfriend got my one two birthdays ago. 
She either remembered I loved them or didn’t want to bake a cake herself, idk.

But if you want to shake things up for a change go this route, you will not be sorry.