Email Birthday Reminder

September 28th, 2020

Email birthday reminders are what we do, they are the core of our services.
Yes we’re busy testing and working on new features every day but our core business is and will always be focused around delivering birthday reminders WHEN you want them, HOW you want them and doing it PRIVATELY!

We consider to be the gold standard when it comes to birthday reminder services.

Take for example. The problem we are witnessing with other birthday reminder services or birthday alarm services and social engines is that they take the hammer approach to sending email birthday reminders.

  1. They send or post a birthday notification the day of a persons birthday. (giving you no time to plan and prepared beforehand)
  2. They blast your birthday to everyone in your social circle. (maybe you wanted to keep this info amongst family and close friends. Interesting article about that)
  3. Their platform is highly confusing and complexed because birthday reminders are not their primary focus. (if when you login your attention is quickly drawn to anything other then birthdays i.e. the news and political updates… your using the wrong system)

See our email birthday reminder. We love it… its simple

Email Birthday Reminder